Decatur County Solid Waste Management

We exist to promote and practice environmental longevity throughout Decatur County. This is accomplished
through recycling, community education, and reducing the amount of materials that enter our landfills.
Together we can work at protecting our earth and our loved ones for years to come!

2018-19 Curbside Recycling Schedule
The new 2018-19 Curbside recycling schedule for Greensburg is now posted on both the Holiday Recycling page as well as the curbside recycling page.
Sharps Recycling
Sharps ContainerFree Needle/Syringe disposal container is available to anyone using medical needles or syringes in their homes in Decatur County! Click here for more information on this program.
Battery, Light Bulb & Printer Cartridge Recycling Available

Please call us at 812-663-0960 for locations. Click here to download more information on this type of recycling.

Christmas Tree Recycling

If you live in the city of Greensburg, set your real Christmas tree out for recycling (all lights, ornaments and decor must be removed) the first 2 weeks after the Christmas Holiday. Any questions? Call 812-663-0960.



If a holiday falls on or before your regular recycling pick up day, your recycling will be picked up one day later than normal.
For example: Monday is a Holiday. Monday will be picked up Tuesday, Tuesday will be Wednesday, Wednesday will be Thursday,
Thursday will be Friday, and Friday will be on Saturday.

This is ONLY for recycling, the trash schedule does NOT change to this.

This is effective IMMEDIATELY.



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