It is important to read product labels to know the chemical content and heed any warnings regarding proper usage.
We have designed these pages to help you properly dispose of anything and everything.
There are hundreds of items listed alphabetically.
Click on the letter your item begins with and you will link to the appropriate page.
If you can't find your item, please call the Decatur County Solid Waste Management District office at 812-663-0960.

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Office Paper (white and colored)
Accepted by curbside recycling bin and at our recycling centers. There is no need to remove staples. Do remove plastic binders and bags.

Oil Filters

Accepted at our Tox-a-way events throughout the year. Call us at 812-663-0960 for event date.

Oily Soil

Call the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Oven Cleaner

This is a hazardous material and must be taken to one of our tox-a-way events throughout the year. Please call us at 812-663-0960 for dates or visit our website.

Over-stuffed Chairs

If there is still use left in the chair, try to find someone who can use it, donate to Goodwill, put it in a yard sale.