It is important to read product labels to know the chemical content and heed any warnings regarding proper usage.
We have designed these pages to help you properly dispose of anything and everything.
There are hundreds of items listed alphabetically.
Click on the letter your item begins with and you will link to the appropriate page.
If you can't find your item, please call the Decatur County Solid Waste Management District office at 812-663-0960.

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Yard Wastes/Leaves
Placing yard waste and leaves in the trash is prohibited by state regulations. The city of Greensburg residents have free yard waste pick up at the curb. Yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves must be bagged and marked “Yard Waste”. Large items such as tree limbs and large bushes can be put by the curb. Items are picked up on your normal trash pick up day. For those outside of the city, locations such as Leising Excavating may take these items for a charge. You can also use these items in a compost barrel.

Yogurt Containers
Check number in triangle on bottom of the container. If it is marked #1 through #7, you may put these in your curbside recycling bin or bring to one of our convenient drop off sites.